City of Clovis Citywide Yard Sale Saturday, April 8, 2017

Clovis Yard Sale Saturday, April 8, 2017 - Sunday, April 9, 2017

The 2018 Clovis Citywide Yard Sale dates will be announced soon. Please check back for updates.

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What to do with items that do not sell

  1. Attempt to sell through other venues
  2. Donate to local charities
    • Many local charities will be happy to take your items through their retail stores or drop locations.  Others will even pick-up items from your home.
  3. Give away
    • Friends, family and neighbors may be in need of some of the items you are trying to part with. Check with them to see if they might be able to help take it off your hands.
  4. Recycle
    • Please be sure that as little as possible enters the waste stream.  Many items are made with glass, metal, wood  and plastics that can be recycled.  If necessary take items apart to properly recycle them. All items must fit properly in your recycling container. Do not over load your container. 
    • Electronics
      • ReStore Is a free drop off location for all your unwanted electronics anytime during their normal hours.  ReStore has agreed to staying open an extra hour (until 6pm) on Monday, April 11 to accommodate Clovis residents that may need to dispose of their unsold items. 
      • There are several other local options for electronic waste recycling.
    • Hazardous household materials; such batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, pool chemicals, paints, pesticides and other poisons, cannot go into your recycling or trash containers. Please see the counties website for other items that may be listed and proper disposal information.
  5. Trash
    • If there is no other option your items can go in the trash. 
      • Your trash bin.
        • Cut up or break down your items to fit properly
        • Do not overload bin.  Heavy bins can break our vehicles hydraulic arm.
      • Rice Road
        • You do have the option of dropping off large items at our Rice Road transfer station - 10463 N Rice Rd, Fresno, CA. This is a public drop off facility with fees based on weight of materials.Contact our office at (559) 275-1551 for hours and rates